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[Cleared Once A Month]
Pippins: Hello! I will be arriving on the map shortly. All inactive members will be kicked today so please get on your characters if you wish to stay in the pack. Aug 11, 2015 17:28:30 GMT
Elusive: Online, and bored. Aug 11, 2015 20:53:27 GMT
Pippins: Elusive, please promote Crav or give me the power to do so. Aug 11, 2015 21:27:28 GMT
Elusive: Oh, of course. Global or Mod? Aug 11, 2015 22:20:22 GMT
Pippins: I would like to have the powers to promote her myself actually. Aug 11, 2015 22:24:09 GMT
Pippins: All admins should be entitled to the same actions. Aug 11, 2015 22:24:16 GMT
Elusive: You do. Aug 11, 2015 22:27:09 GMT
Elusive: Do you know how to? Aug 11, 2015 22:27:29 GMT
Pippins: Yes, you go to their page and then to groups. Aug 11, 2015 22:27:57 GMT
Pippins: I know how to do it, don't think I'm stupid. I did it on the EOW site. Aug 11, 2015 22:28:08 GMT
Elusive: I didn't try to offend. I'm sorry. How about try it again. It be much easier to chat if ya got on Feral-Heart. I'm very sorry this is happening. If it doesn't work. I'll see what I can do. Aug 11, 2015 22:28:51 GMT *
Elusive: (Suggestion) Click 'Edit Profile' and then click on 'Staff Options' and then Click on 'Manage Groups'. That may help. Aug 11, 2015 22:38:29 GMT
Pippins: Elusive! Please let me know when you're online! There's something I'd like to talk to you about! Aug 12, 2015 17:19:45 GMT
Elusive: Well, my Feral-Heart .Exe is not working. And how important is it? Aug 12, 2015 22:12:37 GMT
Pippins: It's actually pretty important and we should discuss it immediately. Aug 12, 2015 22:33:32 GMT
Pippins: Would you like me to just send you a message on the site? Aug 12, 2015 22:33:34 GMT
Elusive: I think I just fixed my .Exe give me a moment to see if it works. Aug 12, 2015 22:37:44 GMT
Elusive: Its working. Aug 12, 2015 22:39:29 GMT
Elusive: I'm online now and waiting to discuss this. Aug 12, 2015 22:41:29 GMT
Pippins: Currently online. Planning to become much more active. Aug 25, 2015 21:04:21 GMT